Plysu Protection Systems (PPS) was founded, utilising new high frequency welding technology and the advent of new plastic materials to manufacture Protective Rainwear and Cycle Capes.


Development of the Nuclear power Industry created the need for Personal Protective Equipment of an unprecedented standard. New materials, combined with our special welding technology, rapidly made the company a UK leader in Air Fed Nuclear suits bringing in its wake orders for suits for use in a variety of other hazardous environments.


Advent of new Health and Safety at Work Act resulted in increased awareness in chemical protection resulting in rapid design and development of Protective Suits and Hoods.


CE Regulations; PPS expands the global market for hazmat protection and the supply of bespoke protection solutions including development of Decontamination Systems and Structures.


PPS awarded the (New Dimension Project) contract, by developing Decontamination systems to meet the needs of the NHS and Emergency Services In UK. PPS underwent an (MBO) Management Buy Out from Plysu. 


PPS are acquired by Versar Inc. A US based global construction and environmental project management company, thus continuing the 67 year history of expansion and development.


New Managing Director joined VersarPPS and has implemented a new strategic plan for the business involving new branding, new product innovation and expansion into new markets.